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If our pets could read… http://ebks.to/1jpDk4a

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Librarian Action Figure! http://ebks.to/1pe3w98

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What we think #librarians do / via Amanda Patterson http://ebks.to/1gB61ZU

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Buying books with 1-Click;-) http://ebks.to/1kT9dY3

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Library Due Date Card T-shirt / Etsy http://ebks.to/1m2kqVP

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DIY “Love” bookshelf http://ebks.to/1p20m8m

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Learning how to read… http://ebks.to/1lVYJo2

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A bookcase with flying books http://ebks.to/OTVy3X

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Adorable summer reading nook! http://ebks.to/1sMV8wC