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From our archives of “Ebook love” series - picture #11 / credits and links http://ebks.to/11oTQGN

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Isn’t it? http://ebks.to/YXgXPP #reading

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Blue Books, 2013 / photo by Carla H. Krueger http://ebks.to/Xv65XG

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Audiobooks! / 20 most clever ads for #books, #bookstores and #libraries

Found at http://ebks.to/1jKFrDK

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Handmade Victorian steampunk book-style case for iPhone 5 and 5S / by Papyrus Crafts http://ebks.to/1lRueAK

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#Libraries are full of sunk treasure http://ebks.to/1qEEXB3

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"Master and Margarita" art print / wonderful design by The Affair http://ebks.to/ZthCIG

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New $79 Kindle has a touchscreen display, 20% faster processor & 2x storage / pre-orders open http://ebks.to/1u4b3Jk

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Book sculpture at the Yangtze Three Gorges, China / photo by Trabuio http://ebks.to/1s8Pw2h

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What is your favorite book? http://ebks.to/1uJeGTO