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Book In a Book - a wonderful handcrafted journal by Mad River Studio http://ebks.to/1x4MVZb

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C.S. Lewis says

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"These boys are blind; their books are printed with raised letters, which they read by feeling of them"

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There is still a chance to save up to 70% on selected #Kobo titles http://ebks.to/W1I6Pj #ebook #deal

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Quote by John Burrough

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This fashionable Bubbleshield tablet sleeve from The Joy Factory is one of top waterproof cases http://ebks.to/1nkYi5K

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A #book vending machine from 1933 - “non-traditional distribution, quiet radicalism” http://ebks.to/1tyAMYw

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Agreed! / via Teaching Literacy http://ebks.to/1q1oM0O

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Good morning! http://ebks.to/1tShFZI

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A mind needs #books http://ebks.to/1pxBzsA