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Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 / get a free ebook from Project Gutenberg http://ebks.to/105a3Hf

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Perfect reading space

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We’ve got more such pics in our Facebook album http://on.fb.me/TAW9rr

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London Book Map made up from the titles of 600 books from the history of English literature http://ebks.to/1ph0cbi

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The #infographic lets you scroll over the history of #books http://ebks.to/1pkmRVV

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A cool interactive map of book genres http://ift.tt/1B0OWnM

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Laura Williams / via Flynn Carsen http://ebks.to/1zQx38V

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Villa Libris, Berlin http://ebks.to/1pbMfqU

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Or just a flat http://ebks.to/1sJGc08

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All parts of a print #book in one image http://ebks.to/1mXnSxt No, there is no home button here