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Last chance to save 30% on selected #romance #mystery and #scifi on #Kobo (US, Canada, Italy) http://ebks.to/1nKL5Gq

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Are you a tsundoku person? http://ebks.to/1l6t69f #books

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Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. –Dr. Seuss http://ebks.to/1zld1oo

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CyberStorm is an apocalyptic thriller by Matthew Mather. Get a #Kindle edition for $1.99 http://ebks.to/1plIC5c

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This clever bookmark lets you exactly mark the place where you stopped #reading http://ebks.to/1mTWrUb #books

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Little boy reading a book / via Metropolitan Galleries http://ebks.to/1qTIJFz

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Your current book can be the best book ever - just use this fabric #book #cover:-) http://ebks.to/1xmNUAD

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Mobile library (cartoon) http://ift.tt/1tdKHE5

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International Library of Children’s Literature in Japan http://ebks.to/1pIDNpS

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Bookfession #782 http://ebks.to/1pIAA9O