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A table made from old spool. Spindles help store #books. Great idea! http://ebks.to/1o6AN17

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From “50 inspiring quotes about books and reading” http://ebks.to/15fJ08t

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Incipio Hive Response #Kindle Fire HDX 7 Case - for active users (or users with active kids) http://ebks.to/1pPZArr

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Cassandra Clare http://ebks.to/1o6MLrx #books #quote

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On this day, in 1899, Ernest Miller Hemingway was born http://ebks.to/19gqi7b

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Great quote by Hemingway

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There is home where there are #books http://ebks.to/1o6zZsU

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Who are you going to be today? Protagonist & Antagonist mug set by Farizula http://ebks.to/1zaz7uG

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Netflix for books