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Books evoke plenty of emotions – a photo series by Yokoo Gibraan (pictures) http://ift.tt/1oQ5sUL

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She reads books as one would breathe air to fill up and live. –Annie Dillard http://ebks.to/1pJRSRC

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Thousands reasons to ask vs thousands search results http://ebks.to/1thiR7H #librarian vs #google

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Cute reading lamp by Black + Bum

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"Twitter" as defined in The Slang Dictionary from 1874 http://ebks.to/VDiMPs No #hashtags were used at that time;-)

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For the lovers of Penguin books / art print by Michelle Thompson http://ebks.to/1tcvlOV

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If #book nerds ran the world http://ebks.to/1AtYXty

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Refurbished Kindles - tested to look and work like new, they come with a free 1-year warranty http://ebks.to/1teE2r4

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Mategot Dedal bookshelf / via Marylin Grasso http://ebks.to/1n0R86i