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Cottbus Library http://ift.tt/1rhxES2

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iRead - a cool sticker on the entrance to the #library http://ift.tt/1jQ36Bw

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The odd, or the usual? http://ift.tt/1moiV2p

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National Library of Finland http://ift.tt/1kCviYA

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Money can’t buy happiness? http://ift.tt/1mbznkS

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Edible books. Who’s reading faster,… 3,… 2,… 1! http://ift.tt/1p6OQaQ

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John Green is right! http://ift.tt/1jIYJIo

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A book display at Efteling Theme Park in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands. http://ift.tt/1jIYLzW

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Some books… http://ift.tt/1jNvnKd

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One kid is sleeping, the rest is… http://ift.tt/TDcKy8