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Please sign the petition to legalize the lending of #ebooks by public #libraries in the EU http://ebks.to/1ptk4Hi

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Stepping in a #library http://ebks.to/1n9BYuD

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Hide and read http://ebks.to/1zy9F1q

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A book exchange in a recycled phone booth in Frankfurt (Main), Germany / via Flynn Carsen http://ebks.to/1uL8nkW

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Inside or outside - it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you’ve got a good book to read

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Why we read in bed, according to Anna Quindlen http://ebks.to/1rMritk #books #quotes

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Main Library at Helsinki University http://ebks.to/1nWK8fO

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The Cosmic Computer by H. Beam Piper / Project Gutenberg free ebook http://ebks.to/18ZULDY

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Available at every #library for #free http://ebks.to/1n5tSTy

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#Reading is always in fashion! http://ebks.to/1n1LzDG