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I’m not leaving this place until I finish it! http://ebks.to/Z9kjPM

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This is wonderful - for #BannedBooksWeek Quirk Books presents outfits based on banned books http://ebks.to/1mpu2eM

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A 1890 “device” combining a dictionary holder, book rest, lamp stand, and writing table http://ebks.to/1qx5RvR

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Celebrating #BannedBooksWeek 2014 ⇢ Official site http://ebks.to/1tUMpcP

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What’s your most comfortable position for reading?

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What in the world would we do without our #libraries? – Katharine Hepburn http://ebks.to/1g9G7Lt #quote

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33 must-read #books to celebrate Banned Books Week 2014 http://ebks.to/1mB0Di7

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An example of #library infographic made 80 years ago / check out the full set http://ebks.to/1kSNlul

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Today only, get $50 off a certified refurbished #Kindle Fire HDX 7 / price $159 http://ebks.to/XKOnj7

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Bike reading:-) http://ebks.to/1v7Mubx