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Happy people:-) http://ebks.to/1yTV6Yv

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Open #books lead to open minds http://ebks.to/1r01HZ8

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Carl T. Rowan http://ebks.to/1t4HuWw

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Your cell phone bill was past due in March 1969;-) http://ebks.to/SGLUnq #library #geek #iPhone #case

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A delightful throw pillow with pixel art alphabet of #HarryPotter characters http://ebks.to/1yRWaMc

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Libraries on wheels: Topeka’s First Bookmobile and Mulvane Children’s Library, March 1943 http://ebks.to/1zhKIuC

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25 #YA books to try if you loved A Game of Thrones / via Epic Reads http://ebks.to/1sLuipt

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One of my favorite #library #quotes, by Eleanor Crumblehulme http://ebks.to/XVIIrt

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Hahaha, clever!

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#HarryPotter miniature book bracelet, beautifully mastered by Little Literature http://ebks.to/1sLxscK