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It’s Read an Ebook Day 2014! Here is a list of activities to make the most of it http://ebks.to/1u3V0eE #ebookday

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A section of paranormal #books in your #library http://ebks.to/XlQfPd

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Here is an overview of 2 new #Kindle models and 3 new #Fire models http://ebks.to/XKp2Gq #Amazon

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Book tree / Soizick Meister - Bücherbaum

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When it’s winter, angels read http://ebks.to/1r0Va40

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Reading nook

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Girl #Reading - a watercolor illustration by Emma Leonard http://ebks.to/1u6vD84

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For those who think books are boring

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Bike rack in front of Richmond Branch Library http://ebks.to/1u0oryi #books

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Some places are just not designed to watch TV