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For lovers of #cats and #books ⇢ Cat Bookmark http://ebks.to/1oqjk9l

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"I’m quite illiterate, but I read a lot." / said by Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye http://ebks.to/1tItFPX

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25 best #iPad cases for a #book #geek / now with info about iPad mini 3 & iPad Air 2 http://ebks.to/1FwUg5x

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Looks like Kindle Voyage shipments are delayed by a month - 3G with no ads in stock on Dec 4 http://ift.tt/1x4XTJO

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Reaching for the sky was never easier / illustration by Robert Neubecker http://ebks.to/1Dvdl6d

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Famous music performances as Penguin book covers (pictures) http://ift.tt/1FwhI2Q

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Happy people:-) http://ebks.to/1yTV6Yv

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Open #books lead to open minds http://ebks.to/1r01HZ8

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Carl T. Rowan http://ebks.to/1t4HuWw

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Your cell phone bill was past due in March 1969;-) http://ebks.to/SGLUnq #library #geek #iPhone #case